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M&G Scented Highlighter 6 colors. Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Pink/Orange. (6 per pack)

M&G Scented Highlighter 6 colors. Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Pink/Orange. (6 per pack)

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Unleash Your Colorful Personality with M&G Scented Highlighters (6-Pack)!

Boost your notes and unleash your personality with the M&G Scented Highlighters (6-Pack)! This classic tool combines vibrant colors with delightful scents, bringing a touch of fun and productivity to your studies or work.

Key Features:

    • Rainbow Brights: Stand out with 6 eye-catching fluorescent ink colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, and Orange.
    • Convenient & Comfortable: Write with ease thanks to the pocket-friendly flat pen body and handy clip.
    • Versatile Chisel Tip: Switch between broad highlighting and precise underlining with the smooth chisel tip.
    • Scent-Sational Fun: Each color boasts a unique delightful scent, keeping your notes invigorating.
    • Fast & Safe: The quick-drying, non-toxic, and no-smear ink ensures clean and safe highlighting.

Perfect for:

    • Students: Make studying more engaging and visually appealing.
    • Professionals: Highlight key points in reports and documents with flair.
    • Artists & Creatives: Add bursts of color and personality to artwork and crafts.
    • Anyone who loves color and organization: Brighten up your notes, planners, and more!

Order your 6-pack of M&G Scented Highlighters today and let your personality shine through!

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Item No: AHM215710601H0C

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