Humanity Appointment

The vision is a world where people are wise enough to know that all human beings have been created equal but are uniquely born: some as men, some as women; some as light-skinned, some as dark-skinned; some with sight, some without; some able-bodied, and some less so.

Therefore, because no human being chooses how and where they were born, our employees, officers, and board of directors will respect and accept the uniqueness of each of our customers and employees. Each is equal as a human being to any of our organization’s employees, officers and board of directors, regardless of job title, rank or compensation. We will treat each without prejudice regardless of their religion, race, age, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation. To this end, we subscribe to the Humanity Appointment.


Our mission at Campus Sophisticate is to empower athletes and school children to excel by promoting sportsmanship and charitable initiatives, by donating 25% of our profits to schools nationwide and globally.


Our vision is to never harm the environment in any way through our properties, products, lifestyles, friendships, donations, gifts, and communications. For the purpose of leaving a world better than the one we inherited for our children.