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M&G Math Set 8pcs, Metal Box packing. (1 per pack)

M&G Math Set 8pcs, Metal Box packing. (1 per pack)

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Empower your student's journey through the world of shapes and numbers with the M&G Math Set, packed with essentials for precise calculations and creative exploration!

This comprehensive 8-piece set includes:

    • Three versatile rulers: Handle a variety of measuring tasks with ease.
    • One trusty protractor: Master angles and geometric precision.
    • Two reliable compasses: Create perfect circles and explore geometric constructions.
    • One handy pencil sharpener: Keep your pencils sharp for accurate drawings and calculations.
    • One trusty eraser: Correct mistakes effortlessly and start fresh.
    • ️ Durable metal box: Keep tools organized and protected, with a handy conversion chart inside the lid for quick reference.

Explore endless possibilities:

    • Draft precise diagrams and graphs.
    • Master measurement techniques.
    • Construct intricate geometric shapes.
    • Solve complex math problems with confidence.
    • Unleash creativity in geometry and design projects.

Order your M&G Math Set today and empower your student to excel in math, geometry, and beyond!

Art No: HARL1304
Item No: HARL130

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