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M&G Hexagon Color Pencil. Oil-based. 12 colors. (1 per pack)

M&G Hexagon Color Pencil. Oil-based. 12 colors. (1 per pack)

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Unleash Vibrant Creativity: M&G Hexagon Oil-Based Colored Pencils - 12-Color Set

Bring your artistic vision to life with the buttery-smooth richness of M&G Hexagon Oil-Based Colored Pencils! This 12-color set offers a dynamic palette for artists of all levels to explore vibrant layering, blending, and detailed shading.

Key Features:

    • Oil-Based Brilliance: Oil-based leads glide effortlessly, delivering rich, intense colors that blend seamlessly and resist fading.
    • Sharpen with Ease: Soft poplar wood makes sharpening a breeze, ensuring a consistent, sharp point for precise lines and expressive artwork.
    • Comfort Grip: Ergonomic hexagon shape provides a comfortable and secure hold, minimizing fatigue during extended drawing sessions.
    • Pre-Sharpened Convenience: Start creating right away with pre-sharpened tips.
    • Organized Storage: Durable paperboard pen holder keeps your pencils neatly organized and protected.

Perfect For:

    • Artists and Crafters: Dive into detailed illustrations, vibrant landscapes, and mixed-media masterpieces.
    • Coloring Enthusiasts: Bring adult coloring books and mandalas to life with rich, blendable colors.
    • Students and Professionals: Add flair to notes, charts, and presentations.
    • Anyone Who Loves Color: Explore your creative potential with a rainbow of expressive hues.

Experience the difference of oil-based brilliance! Order your M&G Hexagon Oil-Based Colored Pencils - 12-Color Set today and let your creativity flow.

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