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Campus Sophisticate

Campus Sophisticate Premium Male Hoodies - MATH WIZ

Campus Sophisticate Premium Male Hoodies - MATH WIZ

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Show off your passion for math and embrace your intelligence with the stylish and comfortable Campus Sophisticate Premium Male Hoodie!


    • Inspiring Phrase: Declare your love for math with the bold statement "MATH WIZ" proudly displayed on the hoodie, inspiring yourself and others.

    • Ultra-Comfortable Fabric: Experience the ultimate comfort and versatility with a hoodie crafted from a perfect blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, ensuring a soft and breathable wear. 

    • Fade-Resistant Fabric: Maintain the vibrant appearance of your hoodie with fade-resistant fabric that keeps the colors looking fresh and new, wash after wash.

    • Enhanced Durability and Shape Retention: Synthetic fibers in the polyester blend enhance durability and maintain shape over time, ensuring your hoodie looks great for longer.

    • Resists Pilling: Enjoy a fresh and clean look for longer with a fabric that resists pilling, keeping your hoodie looking new even after frequent wear.

    • Easy-Care Material: Minimize ironing and enjoy easy care with a material that doesn't easily wrinkle, ready to wear straight out of the dryer. 

    • Versatile and Suitable for Frequent Washing: Keep your hoodie looking and feeling fresh with its suitability for frequent washing, perfect for an active lifestyle.

    • Material: 50/50 poly/cotton blend

    • FREE SHIPPING on all orders across the United States! 

Available sizes:

  • S Size (2-4): Bust 34-35 inches, Waist 27-28 inches, Hips 37-38 inches.
  • M Size (6-8): Bust 36-38 inches, Waist 29-30 inches, Hips 39-40 inches.
  • L Size (8-10): Bust 39-40 inches, Waist 31-32 inches, Hips 42-43 inches.
Order your Campus Sophisticate Premium Male Hoodie - MATH WIZ today and show off your passion for math in style!
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