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Campus Sophisticate Premium Female Hoodies BLACK EST BEAU - Black Is Beautiful

Campus Sophisticate Premium Female Hoodies BLACK EST BEAU - Black Is Beautiful

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BLACK EST BEAU - Black Is Beautiful - Empowering hoodie for women.
  • Celebrate black beauty with this stylish, high-quality hoodie.
  • Make a powerful statement with the French expression "BLACK EST BEAU"
  • Educate the world that black is beautiful, extending beyond physical features to strength and perseverance.
  • Crafted from a blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton for optimal comfort and versatility.
  • Fade-resistant fabric ensures a long-lasting, vibrant appearance.
  • Renowned for durability, maintaining shape, and resisting wear over time.
  • Enjoy the added benefit of FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the United States!

Available sizes:
  • S Size (2-4): Bust 34-35 inches, Waist 27-28 inches, Hips 37-38 inches.
  • M Size (6-8): Bust 36-38 inches, Waist 29-30 inches, Hips 39-40 inches.
  • L Size (8-10): Bust 39-40 inches, Waist 31-32 inches, Hips 42-43 inches.
  • XL Size (10-12): Bust 41-43 inches, Waist 34-35 inches, Hips 44-45 inches.
  • XXL Size (14-16): Bust 44-45 inches, Waist 36-37 inches, Hips 47-48 inches.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Big smiles at Burger King.

Whenever I wear this hoody to a public place I see white and black staring at it wondering what Black Est Beau means. One day at a Burger King a young black girl pointed to the writings on my hoody and asks, “what does that mean? And I replied, ‘Black is Beautiful, it is French”. She started smiling. I love this hoody.

it’s so comfortable

My favourite hoodie it’s so comfortable, great fit I wear it all the time. And it’s thick too so keeps you nice and warm