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Campus Sophisticate Male Hoodies BLACK EST LE POUVOIR - Black Is Powerful


Campus Sophisticate Male Hoodies BLACK EST LE POUVOIR - Black Is Powerful

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The Long Awaited Has Arrived!

BLACK EST LE POUVOIR - French Expression Meaning, Black is powerful.

 A French expression that means black is powerful. Everyone wonders what "Black Est Le Pouvoir" means when you walk into a crowd. If they ask, just say, Black is powerful. We invite you to join the masses, educate the world that black is powerful in everything. Powerful in loving others, powerful in helping others, powerful in dying for what they believe in, powerful in spending their money, powerful in sports, powerful in entertainment, and powerful in humanity with the Campussophisticate® Hoody with the expression, BLACK EST LE POUVOIR - BLACK IS POWERFUL.

Campussophisticate® Classy Premium Male/Men Hoodies. Made up of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, combining the benefits of both materials into one fabric that makes it ideal for practically any use. The fabric will not fade as quickly as other fabrics. Our hoodies hold their color better over time thanks to the synthetic fibers in Campussophisticate® polyester. In short, it will suit your needs really well if you intend to wash the hoodies frequently. The durability of our hoodies is well known. As well as being less likely to fade, it will also lose its shape and not fall apart as quickly.

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