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Smart Notebook


Smart Notebook

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An environmentally friendly notebook that can be reused forever. Includes smart notebook, smart notebook manual, and one NEWYES 0.5mm erasable gel pen with eraser tip. Notebook measures 7in x 10in (25.5cm x 18cm) with 15 reusable double-sided lined pages and 15 reusable double-sided dot grid pages.
1. Writing
For repeated use, make sure to use only water-erasable pens. We suggest NEWYES erasable pens or Pilot Frixion pens – 0.7mm.

2. Erasing
Heat erasure: use a hair dryer to completely erase full pages.
Precise erasure: use the eraser on the pen cap to erase minor mistakes.
Note: Avoid exposing your notes to moisture or hot conditions in case of accidental reset.

3. Download the App
Search for NEWYES Note in your phone’s app store to get the most out of your Smart Notebook.

4. Note Scanning
a. Choose “Photo Scanning” to scan documents.
b. The app will automatically crop after scanning the notebook border.
c. There are multiple effects for you to choose after cropping.
d. Pictures can be sketched, and the app supports OCR function.

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